Alchemy of Mixed Media 

A single medium like oils, watercolor, charcoal, or graphite or a single process like painting, printmaking, drawing, etc, is often used to express many truths.


I use many media to express one truth, the one I continue to search for, that imbibes everything and everyone, like light shining through darkness, a humble recognition to me, that I am but a speck that occasionally glows in its light, enjoying the poetry of moving within it. 


Combining traditional and digital media,  touching the invisible through the tangible. It’s exciting and challenging exploring the visual language  inherent in each medium. It is to draw connections, highlight the aberrations, rhythms, contrasts, movement, colors, and textures, which create the poetry I see and feel in the world around me. 


Life is layered with stuff, and meaning, and emotion and detritus, as is my work. 

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