Mixed Media Artist

Combining traditional and digital media in one piece, using the tone of one media with the pitch of another to create a melody with meaning. It’s not about the medium so much as the layers of connections, and meaning each implies visually, historically, implicitly, explicitly, consciously and unconsciously. The aberrations, connections, rhythms, contrasts, movements, colors, and textures, create the poetry I see in the world around me. 


What constitutes art? I used to have a much narrower view, confining it to the creative production of a tangible, meaningful outcome like a collage, dance, painting, musical score or a book. I have been trained graphically, traditionally and by fire, yet I think it is more than any one way. It is the mingling of the tangible with the intangible, the real with the imagined, the pain with the joy and still seeing with awe. Art is sharing the journey beyond what is real to what is true.


I am convinced that creativity is not exclusive to a few ’talented’ or trained individuals, but an inclusive aspect of every living thing. What would happen if that creative energy mingled in a specific time and place, not necessarily as a collaboration but as an orchestration? Would it create something new and more meaningful? For me? For those who choose to participate? Does it matter? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes! Creativity is the bridge between living and living artfully. 

You can connect with me on Facebook at Carol Lynn Mitchell, Instagram at Meandering Hearts and email at bexpressa@mac.com



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